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Get To Know Katherine ~ Your Cannabis Coach

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Way back in the day, I dabbled in cannabis here and there, but I must not have been overly impressed as it dropped off my radar. All I recall is that it gave me the munchies or I would become lethargic. Neither experience was pleasurable.


Flash forward a few decades, and I was given some cannabis to try, and it was suggested that I make cannabis infused cookies. This was a new concept to me, but by this time I had heard that there were many medicinal benefits to cannabis, so I thought, what the heck, let's give it a whirl and see what happens. Prior to this, I had some of the usual suspicions about cannabis, as many folks do, but what persuaded me to try is that it is a natural plant and I am all about natural health, so I dove into the cannabis rabbit hole.

Traversing all the lingo, trying to figure out how to decarb, make butter, and turn it into cookies. How strong is the THC in this plant? What are cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids? Yikes! What is the dosage? Is it safe, and how much can I consume? Wish I had a coach then - it sure would have been a lot easier.

In time, I figured out just enough of this to have success, and my husband and I started to microdose with the infused gummy bears with excellent results. Wow!

My sleep became deeper and richer. My mood lightened up, and I started laughing more. Another big plus for me was that I no longer was easily overwhelmed by life's challenges and my heart felt more open and compassionate. My husband's joint pain lessened significantly, making him a much happier camper. Our relationship as a couple shifted -- it became more easygoing, lighthearted, less serious, if that makes sense. I began to work with my mother-in-law and help her traverse this cannabis world. She found similar results: less overwhelmed, happier, and her sleep improved.

So I took it a step further. I knew I didn't understand this topic anywhere near deeply enough to go forth and help others, so in searching, I stumbled upon the Cannabis Coaching Institute and signed up to become a Cannabis Coach & Educator. The rabbit hole went a lot deeper than I could ever imagine; as the saying goes, you don't know what you don't know.

But bringing homeostasis to your body involves more than just cannabis consumption. It's beneficial to embrace other forms of stress reduction, and as a certified E-CYT 500+ yoga teacher, a certified HeartMath Mentor, and a Mindfulness Meditation Guide, I bring these added elements to provide you with an all round comprehensive program specially curated for you.

Training, Courses & Qualifications

Certified Cannabis Health Coach & Educator | E-CYT 500+ Yoga Teacher | HeartmathTM Certified Mentor

Mindfulness Meditation Guide | Line Dancing Instructor | Reiki Level 3

What's the next step? Book your FREE 30 Minute Discovery Call today and we'll discover which program is best for you!

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Are you interested in becoming a Cannabis Educator? Sign up today and use this code KDCC and SAVE 10%.

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