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Unlocking Your Best Self
Through Cannabis

Challenges ...

Often when chatting with our friends or family members, a common theme emerges, our health, quality of sleep, pain issues, stress and / or anxiety.

Prescribed meds, which may take care of the symptoms, often create more problems, which leads to another pill to solve the side effects of the first pill.

What a spiral, when all you really want is to feel good and enjoy life.

So, ask yourself ...

  • What would it feel like to Thrive!

  • What if it wasn’t just possible but inevitable?

The truth is this — you are capable of taking control of your health journey. And doing it with the right support can save you time, money, and peace of mind. 

And it all begins the moment you commit to yourself, commit to doing things differently.

Perhaps ...

Perhaps you have tried CBD but it didn't work at all.

Perhaps THC made you feel paranoid and sick and you're reluctant to try it again.

Or it could be you are having a hard time shedding the associated stigma around this plant medicine.​

Whatever your experience, I'm here to provide guidance, encouragement, education and confidence toward better health with cannabis.

Knowledge is power ...

  • ​Learn how to dose safely.

  • Learn the different methods of consumption and which is best for you.

We will work together to reduce your health challenges, and set your wellness goals.

Together, we will create a “cannabis action plan” that will support you long into the future.

"I trust Katherine to guide me to make decisions that will reduce stress and improve sleep using natural cannabis instead of mysterious chemicals found in prescriptions drugs."

- - Gretchen D.

"I have seen many patients with chronic pain, muscle spasms, nausea, anorexia, and other unpleasant symptoms obtain significant—often remarkable—relief from cannabis medicines, well beyond what had been provided by traditional (usually opiate-based) pain relievers."  - - David Hadorn, MD, PhD, Medical Consultant for GW Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.

It’s time to say goodbye to:

✖️ The learning curve that comes with incorporating cannabis to improve your health

✖️ The frustration of researching what really is the best for you

✖️ The stigma and shame associated with using cannabis as a         wellness tool

✖️ The fear of not knowing how to use cannabis safely and effectively.

✖️ Navigating your way through the cannabis world alone

It’s time to say hello to:

✔️ Waking up with energy and excitement to start each new day with a positive mindset.

✔️ Finding passion and unlocking your true self.

✔️ Becoming more amiable in your interactions with others.

✔️ Being able to tackle work and home stressors with ease.


Meet Your Cannabis Coach & Educator

woman with cannabis plant

Hi there, my name is Katherine deBoer​.

If only I had a coach when I started down the cannabis rabbit hole -  it would have saved me a ton of time and money. Trying to figure out my dosage, what product, what ingestion method, was all trial and error. ​There was a time or two that produced some 'stoner' moments - oops!


The terminology was like learning a foreign language. It was because of this frustrating experience, my passion for this amazing medicine, and the excellent results I personally experienced, I became a Certified Cannabis Coach & Educator. I learned WHY and HOW cannabis works and how it helps a myriad of conditions. What to look out for, the associated cautions and how to find the smallest effective dosage.​ 


But bringing homeostasis to your body incorporates more than just cannabis consumption. It's beneficial to embrace other forms of stress reduction and as a certified E-CYT 500+ yoga teacher, a certified HeartMath Mentor, and a Mindfulness Meditation Guide, I bring these added elements to provide you an all round comprehensive program specially curated for you.​ 


Cannabis has gifted me an upgraded attitude. I laugh more, I sleep better, and I now have a new passion. As your coach, your guide, I bring you assurance, safety and save you from the missteps, mishaps and money mistakes I made.

"The fog has lifted! Depression has been a big part of my life and now thanks to Katherine's guidance, I am functioning well and feeling soooo much better."

- - Brenda N.

Book your FREE 30 Minute Discovery Call today and we'll chat about
The First Step!

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Kd Cannabis Coaching Programs

It all begins the moment you commit to yourself, commit to doing things differently!
If you are dealing with a life altering illness please reach out to me to arrange a custom program.
Break Free of cuffs

The First Step ~ $120

Embark on a transformative journey with The First Step coaching sessions. Through a safe and collaborative environment, we work together to take that crucial first step towards positive change and empowerment.

The first session covers dosage, consumption methods, potential effects, and strategies for integrating cannabis into your daily life for therapeutic or recreational use. The second session is to answer your questions, fine tune your dosing and set you up for success.


The sessions aim to provide insights and tools for a safe and enjoyable cannabis experience. Each session is 30 minutes, conducted via Zoom.

Please note that I spend a couple of hours researching and curating
your personalized recommendations before and after we meet. Prices reflect preparation time.

Session 1 includes:
  • Personalized cannabis guide

  • Consumption methods

  • Dosing without getting 'stoned'

  • Product recommendations

  • Learn where to obtain cannabis

  • Dose Tracker and Sleep Tracker.

  • Email support

Session 2 includes:
  • Review your progress

  • Dose adjustments 

  • Answer your questions

  • What is your Next Step

2 cups of coffee with hearts

The Next Step ~ $45 per session

Here is where the magic begins by taking The Next Step. Cannabis is a great place to start but to make real and lasting changes - we need ALL the tools at our disposal. 

These sessions are offered as additional and continued support in your health and wellness objectives. They are client driven / pay as you go sessions and based upon the Client's needsEach session is 30 minutes, conducted via Zoom. Each Next Step also includes 1 email follow up.


Topics are chosen by the client and can be cannabis related or complementary and supportive to your health objectives.

Suggested Cannabis Sessions
  • Cannabis 101 education, diving deeper into understanding your medicine

  • How to's

    • decarboxylate cannabis​

    • infuse cannabis

    • make edibles or topicals

    • make FECO 

  • Cannabis and your pet

  • ... or something else perhaps?

Suggested Lifestyle Sessions
  • Stress Reduction techniques that work

  • Cannabis for Seniors, specific cautions

  • Easing anxiety

  • Overcoming your 'Critter Brain'

  • Lifting Depression

  • Taming Anger

  • Food and Cannabis

  • Movement and Cannabis

  • ... or something else perhaps?

Buy 2

Next Step Sessions 

SAVE $15

Book your FREE 30 Minute Discovery Call today and we'll chat about
The First Step!

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